Although the cities are formed with buildings, that is, inner spaces, the city is perceived best on the streets outside the building. Because streets are the places we feel we're toghether with many people we don't know. This feeling is what makes the city as it is, not the buildings. The building which aims to adapt the immigrants to the urban life in a short period of time, is designed as a Street.

It is important that the building interacts fluidly with its surroundings and breaks its inner-outer concept as much as possible. The building provides this fluidity by emptying its facades and ensures that people connect to the outside world not only from the entrance of the building but also from all the facades. The required program is placed linearly in such a way that it serves the street with its circulation and exhibition areas. The ground floor consists of spaces which the users will mostly interact with, whereas the upper mezzanine floor consists of private office areas.

The region where the project site is located, has a strategic importance. It is a buffer zone between the intense urban texture and the Marmara Sea, which opens up to a poetic void and eternity. The proposal reflects this feeling by the wooden facade elements. The elements which are very intense and frequently placed on the urban side, become thinner and thinner as they approach the sea. 

Location         Caddebostan   |   Istanbul

Client              YTONG

Program         Cultural Building

Type                 Competition Project
Area               1.500 m²

Project Year    2013



Sacit Arda Karaatlı
Lebriz Atan 

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