When looking at the competition area from the upper scale to the lower, it will be the best to start with the urban layout. We are talking about a coastal city similar to Izmir, Balikesir and Canakkale. Unlike the metropolitan cities, a socio-cultural texture, where modest lives exist, where the 'time' is not the most important issue, where people know and respect each other (Gemeinschaft). We are talking about a quiet life where people care about the taste of the white cheese they eat, not the life where they run unconsciously to get to their daily meetings. Therefore, if a Municipal building has a duty of representation, this representation should be this modesty and the calmness provided by the city itself. 


The Municipal Buildings are public serving organizations due to their programs. Thats's why, a municipal building can fulfill its reason of existence in 1/3 of a day. Apart from office hours, there is nothing that the municipal buildings share with the public. The municipality is integrated with the socio-cultural and economic structure of the building and its surroundings, while meeting the needs of all of kinds of users and addressing the institutional needs of the municipality on the other hand. The planning of an area with strong physical connection with the existing city center with its inviting, pedestrian streets and green axes reveals the basic approach of this project.

The first step is to position the Municipal Building due to the pedestrian movements and rotate it towards the park on the eastern side, along the north-south axis.  This movement means that the building will turn its face to the public space as a welcoming element and settle in the longest diagonal possible within the site boundaries. Designing the building to be placed on the least possible ground area having the minimum height and allowing different public functions to take place by leaving %70 of the site to the public use, are the most important steps towards integrating the building with the urban areas and the public.  

By creating a public association where the users will not feel uncomfortable, the municipality will acquire a positive structure with its architectural and urban design solutions, disprooving its inaccessible image in the eye of the users. The facade surface obtained by closing the louvers after working hours will act as a public screen which will serve to the public at times whn the Municipal Building is not used. The media which will be reflected on this screen will allow the area to fill up with people at night by illuminating itself and its surroundings.

Location         Tekirdag

Client             Tekirdag Municipality 

Program         Chamber of Commerce

Type               Competition Project
Area               49.360 m²

Project Year   2015


Lebriz Atan Karaatlı
Sacit Arda Karaatlı
Mehmet Cengiz Gültek (Architect)
Yüksel Demir (Architect)
Eda Beyazıt (Urban Planner)
Fatma Ayçim Türer Başkaya (Landscape Architect)



Hakan Tütüncü (Architect, Sustainability Specialist)
Hasan Kahraman (Structural Engineer)
Muhammet Ali Korkmaz (Electrical Engineer)

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