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The building is located in one of the first parcels that we encountered in the direction of Çerkezköy from Istanbul. The Science Center that located right at the entrance of the city, is designed considering the potential to be icon structure both because of the location and the rarity of the program.

The area at the side of the high-speed traffic road opens at the back to an endless natural valley. While urbanization is going on at the front of the area, the untouched and beautiful nature at the back of it stands out with all its extraordinary features. Along the way, the rhythmic elements such as trees in the middle zone, electric pylons and the like, which we see at a constant speed along the way, are the reason why the façade of the building is dealt with in a rhythmic manner. The building meets the people coming from the city with an opaque façade, but as it moves towards the nature, the façade becomes transparent and the inner planetarium becomes visible.

 The building takes visitors with a rising bridge over the road and prepares them for the mysterious world inside.

Instead of walking through a door on the sidewalk and finding ourselves in the museum, we walk a little on a bridge, see the structure of the building a little bit and lose a little bit and reach the building with excitement. The central courtyard inside the building is designed with an amphitheater where instructors can give short lessons and seating steps for those who want or can get information about the Foucault Pendulum.

Location         Çerkezköy   |   Tekirdağ

Client             Çerkezköy Municipality

Program         Museum - Education

Type                 Concept Project
Area               3.375 m²

Proje Year       2018


Sacit Arda Karaatlı 

Lebriz Atan Karaatlı


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