Petrichor (n)     
the smell of earth after rain.


When observed competition site from an upper scale, it presents a low-height building typology, surrounded by a human scaled city layout, cultivated areas, mountains and a perfectly natural landscape. The traffic arteries of the city unite to intersect with two main arteries of which, one defines the Project area while passes right by the site. The Project Site -being on the main traffic artery, which is both the entrance and the exit axis of the city-, can be considered as the welcoming and the sendoff spot due to its position. 

So, ‘What can this building, which has the ability to speak for the city due to its ‘welcoming’ position say about this city of low typology and natural landscape, through its minimum 9 meter height and 1425 m2 building program?’ has been the main question of this design process since the beginning. At this point, the answer we are looking for was not about the architectural theories or the form and the construction. It is should be thought in a way that goes far beyond those. The important question was ‘How can this building not be a building? What is the most modest point it could reach?’          

The proposed design is the search for the answer .

Location         Dalseong   |   South Korea

Client             D.A.C.C

Program         Sports Facility

Type                 Competition Project
Area               4.500 m²

Project Year    2014


Sacit Arda Karaatlı
Lebriz Atan 

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